Who We Are

Amasu concerned citizens in the United Kingdom were inspired to unite Amasu indigenes worldwide to help fast-track economic development in the community. This concern was borne out of the excruciating economic challenges in Nigeria which has affected cost of living to its lowest ebb in our history. That move brought together patriotic indigenes to herald the birth of
Amasu Development Association (ADA), in January 2016.


Where We Are

Our community was generally known as a fishing hub of Arochukwu and the launch pad for Christianity to the Aros. At some point in our history, it was the gateway to Arochukwu through the Onuasu water way.



The Onuasu river is remembered as the ancient trade route of the Aros with her Ibibio neighbours of today’s Akwa Ibom state; and Ito, Itu, Asang and Bakasi in Cross Rivers State. It was this river that inspired the naming of the village..


Scotish Ten Pounds Note featuring the portrait of Mary Slessor and map of her missionary journey through Amasu Arochukwu

Message from ADA President

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to our developmental projects in our native home, Amasu Village Arochukwu, Abia State. We have undertaken a missionary course inspired by the benevolence of Mary Slessor who once lived amongst our people and whose act of bravery has prepared us for this journey.


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