In 2015, by providence, Amasu concerned citizens in the United Kingdom were inspired to unite Amasu indigenes worldwide to help fast-track economic development in the community. This concern was borne out of the excruciating economic challenges in Nigeria which has affected cost of living to its lowest ebb in our history . That move brought together patriotic indigenes to herald the birth of Amasu Development Association (ADA), in January 2016. The beginning was a bit difficult because most compatriots never believed that people will genuinely pursue community development agenda pro-bono. However we held on to those who believed in the dream; they share the same aspirations for Amasu and together we have opened a new chapter hope.

With this crop of professionals, we set out a development agenda that will immediately impact on the lives of the people. We took up the rehabilitation of roads within the community to serve as a signpost of our mission and at the same time act as a rallying point for other compatriots still in doubt.

Our Vision

To open up Onuasu Water Ways for economic activities and create an enabling environment for agro/aqua businesses to serve Amasu and Arochukwu in general.

Our Mission

Create vehicular accessibility from Okpuruala (Gateway to the Village) to Obara and Onuasu Ukwu.

Mobilise a gradual manual clearing of the six-kilometre waterways in order to attract developers to assist in dredging.

Empower the community to develop their resources, create jobs, attract tourists and be self-reliant.

Board of Trustees

  • Mazi (Ugwu Aro) Emma Egbukwu – Chairman
  • Mazi Charles Eze – President
  • Mazi Michael Onyebuchi – Secretary
  • Mazi Chris Ogwumah – Treasurer
  • Mazi Uchenna Onyema
  • Ms Nnenna Okoro
  • Mazi Nicholas Okoro
  • Engr. (Mrs) Precious Eze
  • Engr. Gab Okoro
  • Mazi Morris Ezumah.

Message from ADA President

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to our developmental projects in our native home, Amasu Village Arochukwu, Abia State.

We have undertaken a missionary course inspired by the benevolence of Mary Slessor who once lived amongst our people and whose act of bravery has prepared us for this journey.

In today’s world, technology has affected the way we live and respond to our needs, it has helped rural people to grow fortified crops and seeds; and created cooperative marketing tools for their produce. Not many communities are so lucky, that is the reason we are taking up this stride to safe our natural resources revive our tourism and assist our people to better life.

In 2001, two historic sites (Onuasu and Mary Slessor) were earmarked as tourist sites for Abia State during the 2001 Arochukwu- British war centenary commemoration held in Arochukwu. Unfortunately, nothing concrete has been done to preserve these sites despite the international publicity given to our community in the Scottish Ten pounds Note, embellishing the portrait of Mary Slessor and map of her missionary journey through Amasu Arochukwu.”

The failure of government to do the needful will not deter us. However, we have decided to fall forward and pull every progressive mind to support the journey towards empowering our community and reviving her heritage.

Soon Amasu will be the light house that will glow from our waterways, forest and footpaths through the eighteen villages in Arochukwu to the entire land mass of Abia State.

My distinguished friends and compatriots, in the words of Mother Theresa, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”. Kindly support us to dredge the six kilometres waterways that served Arochukwu in her glorious days and brought education and Christianity to the Aros.

Thank you and God Bless.
Mazi Charles Eze
President, ADA.