Our community was generally known as a fishing hub of Arochukwu and the launch pad for Christianity to the Aros. At some point in our history, it was the gateway to Arochukwu through the Onuasu water way. This important record has gradually fizzled away due to lack of documentation, maintenance, death, and migration. Expectedly, the economy of our people crashed, with total dependency on remittances from family members abroad. These remittances were already spent before it gets to them however it is mostly used to settle domestic and health needs, not for economic and communal development.

In our clime, States and LGAs neglect their fundamental duties of providing social amenities and protecting the environment thereby enforcing communities to self-help and community-styled-effort for survival. This, however, has deprived us the quest to develop our natural resources; watched our historic and economic river dried up thereby sending the cream of our community abroad for greener pasture.

It is important to note that two of Abia State’s historic/tourist sites reside in Amasu namely; The Mary Slessor Heritage Site and Onuasu Amasu Trade Route. Despite our historical values, unfortunately, there is zero LGA/State government presence in this community. Presently, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria is making an inroad to preserve the memory of Mary Slessor. They have started the construction of Mary Slessor International Centre in Obara layout, Amasu.

Rehabilitation of Onuasu, Obara and Okpuruani Roads.

In order to actualise our primary objective, all major roads within the community must be accessible by trucks and cars during dry and raining seasons respectively. We reasoned that fixing these roads will be fixing the foundation of our economic stagnation, it will open up the economic potentials of the community and encourage visitation to the historic sites.

  • The Okpuruala Road is the only access to Amasu which is usually unmotorable during the rainy season. All seasons vehicular accessibility will stimulate meaningful development into the community.
  • The Obara Road will boost the Mary Slessor Skills Development Centre under construction and encourage the sand dredging enterprise that will require collection of sands from the Obara port by heavy trucks/tippers. It will also encourage building activities within the new Obara layout and help in revamping the moribund fish pond.
  • The Uzonwenyi Onuasu Ukwu Road will eventually open up the Onuasu River Enterprise including sand and weed dredging, fish farming, rice cultivation and etc.